Amazing Hair Tutorials 2018 by Georgiy kot

Georgiy Kot:

One of the best hairstylists is Georgiy Kot, he has a wonderful imagination helped him making hairstyles as a pieces of art. He had started his appearance on the internet on his Instagram account by uploading quick video tutorials made by him. Georgiykot got more than one million followers in less than one year. As a response of his wonderful talent his videos become of the most viral hairstyles videos on social media. This video tutorial will show you one of the most famous hairstyles made by him it got more than 50 million views. You may consider this hairstyle as a waste of time but you need to consider that this is a show of Georgiykot talent. The most asked question on this video was “How is she planning to detangle them?”.

Tutorial By Georgiykot

Deciding the right hairstyle to your face:

People with round faces can pick up hairstyles that can lend a slim and longer look to the face. Choose hairstyles that lend more volume to your forehead and it is best to stay away from short and cropped look.

Finally if you are still confused you need a specialist to decide instead of you we recommend you Georgiykot, Shafaq Novruzova, and Zukhra Sullieva. There are many kinds of styles that you can get. If you are interested, you can try to apply it nicely. 

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