DIY Christmas Decorations for Room 2017

Today is all about Christmas decorations for your room to look colorful and ready for Christmas. The idea of decorating the home on the eve of Christmas is something that varies from person to person. Some people enjoy decorating their home with their own style by following it every year. Such people often follow their traditional way to decorate the living space and enjoy with that. If you’re a crafty person like me and you want to DIY some of your decorations get prepared to learn some new ideas.

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I want to show you guys how to make this merry and bright sign using wood circles. It’s so easy to make and it’s really inexpensive. What you’ll need is some pre-cut wood circles and you can buy these from your local craft store or make them yourself. I picked mine up from a local garden center.

1. All you’re gonna do is paint the inside of the circles. Using some acrylic paint or craft paint in the colors of your choice. I’m going for a light pastel color scheme and some bright pops of blue and I think this would look really nice. Like whites and grays and wintry colors too anyway go ahead and paint these. Make sure to leave a very small gap towards the edge so that the wood can show through once you’ve done this.

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2. You can go ahead and add your letters. I’m using yoohoo glue to add mine and I’m just drawing out the letters very carefully. You can use any kind of glue you can use PVA and a paintbrush to apply it it just has to be strong and durable. I’m just using this one because it’s what I had for hand and it has a nice really neat nozzle.

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3. once you’ve done that go ahead and add your glitter I’m using a really nice chunky glitter for this project I think it works really well and I’m using a gold to stand apart from the colors that I have used but you can use any kind of a Christmas color that you would like leave this to dry for a little bit.

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4. after about 30 minutes or so you can go ahead and tap off all the excess glitter and if you have any extra glitter in places you don’t want it you can just go ahead and pick it off to tidy up the letters.

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Then you should have letters that look a little bit like this.

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5. Once you’re done you can apply these to the wall using a little bit of blue tack or some command strips so that they’re easy to take off once the Christmas season is over this is what mine looks like and I think the colors work really well in my room.

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