DIY Phone Case Using Glue Gun

Most people want their mobile phone to be unique, so they can differentiate it from the masses. With this in mind, the most common course of action is to try to cover their phone with a customized case.┬áThe greatest benefit of a custom phone case or skin is they make it easy for anyone to think up and make their own unique designs that they can be certain no one else will have. The other thing personalized phone accessories provide us with is a terrific gift idea for hard to buy for people. Today i’ll show you how to make your own phone case easily, enjoy..


(1) Bring the phone on your table.

phone case diy (1)


(2) cut a paper with a custom drawings to match your phone back and attach it to the phone.

phone case diy (2)


(3) Cover the phone with transparent paper.

phone case diy (3)


(4) Using a tap be sure the paper will stay in place.

phone case diy (4)


(5) Using the glue gun start drawing from the edges.

phone case diy (5)


(6) After finishing let it to dry.

phone case diy (6)


(7) Now use the nails polish to make it looks as a piece of art.

phone case diy (7)


(8) You can remove and put the case as you need.

phone case diy (8)

phone case diy (9)

phone case diy (10)

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