Healthy Foods for Your Health

The people who are searching for healthy and unhealthy foods increase by the time. Women bodies needs of healthy foods differs from men. Women may need more calcium to keep strong bones while pregnancy, and need more iron rich foods. Foods with higher vitamins levels are very important for keeping healthy body. There are many kinds of healthy and unhealthy foods, here some of the most important healthy foods..

The most important healthy foods: 

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One of the most important for your health and your heart. when purchasing vegetables be sure that it planted with no chemicals or you can plant it yourself. If you decided to plant it you can get fresh vegetables, relieve stress, and do exercises while planting it.

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Fruits are very important for health especially for diabetics. For women who need healthy diet they have to consider fruits as a main component.
Fruits are low in calories, are nutrient dense- high in vitamins, minerals, fibers with high water content. If you need a fruit food, you need to read the food ingredients and be sure that the food contains a whole fruit not just flavored. Fresh fruit also desired as it contains the full benefit.
Fruits like blueberries, oranges, apricots, kiwifruit, cantaloupe, watermelon, apples, and many more are good for our health.

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If you need a good source of protein, eggs should be your choice. You get 6 full grams of protein along with all the 9 necessary amino acids from one egg. Eggs are very good for people who suffer low cholesterol levels. for people with high cholesterol levels you can eat the white part of the eggs. Eggs are very easy and quick to cook for people who don’t have much time to prepare food.

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Lemons are considered a fruit that have many benefits. Lemons contain vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, potassium, magnesium, and iron. Lemons juice can help in Colds and influenza, Aids digestion, Heart Disease, and many other medical benefits.

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Onion and Garlic

First you have to know that onion and garlic are very helpful with hair loss problems. Both of them contains mineral sulfur that helps in growing hair and keep it strong. Onion and garlic are used in fighting bacteria as a natural defender a against it. Garlic has more benefit for hair than onion as it contains more sulfur. If you eat food contains onion and garlic you can benefit reduced colon cancer risk, help your digestion with fiber, low in calories, iron, folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, potassium.

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Yogurt can be made at home as it comes from milk. Yogurt plays an important role in our life. In the summer, consumption increases. As per Nature Cure, the rule of thumb is you consume 6 to 8 oz yogurt daily with breakfast or lunch. Yogurt is pure, natural food and when we prepare it at home, there is no sugar, salt or preservatives added – just pure yogurt. Believe me, it is also very inexpensive.

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