Learn How to Make Stylish Pendant Light 2017

Pendant lighting is comparatively a baby in respect to other type of lights in the same category starting from the huge chandeliers. Pendant lights are useful substitute of chandeliers with almost same features and functionality. In fact it derived its name from pendant, a jewelry accessory. It started with hanging lamps of clay with light given by an animal fat burn which was the way Greeks devised. As time past, clay lamps were replaced by glass. You can find many designs of Pendant lighting but the simple designs are more desired now. The light may be stripped to a bare bulb suspended from a cord, or housed in a decorative shade crafted from glass, resin, wood, metal or fabric. During its earliest days, the pendant featured a crude type of blown glass shell, which eventually evolved into a huge style conscious make. Today, the variety of styles combined with customers demand has made pendant lights on par with other forms of lighting fixtures. If you need to make a simple pendant lighting watch this video tutorial, Thanks.





Pendant lighting 2017 (2)

Pendant lighting 2017

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