20 Nail Art Designs 2019

Elegant nail art complete your professional look. A lot of women love to do her nail designs by themselves. Beautiful design need a good imagination of what you need to look. There are a lot of designs online that could inspire you. Nail polish is available in a lot of colors that you can choose from. Deciding the right color will depend on your outfits and event. You don’t need to match the exact outfits color but choose a color that looks elegant and comfortable to wear with your outfits. Choose the colors that complement each others. For the designs you can find many ideas and tutorials online. Beginners need to start with simple nail designs.

Your Job:

Many jobs will not leave your free to choose your look and of-course your nails designs as a part of your look. Edgy designs on the nails at most not accepted in work place. It therefore is important to consider how acceptable the design you are about to get is going to be. For professional jobs you can use neutral colors and simple designs.

The occasion:

This is another factor that can help you make the right decision with nail designs. Designers are very creative and have actually come up with designs to match given occasions such as wedding. You can therefore make your choice depending on the occasion.


Before applying your chosen design keep in mind that maintenance will depend on the type of nail polish used, the application technique and the elements used in the design. Some of the designs have things such as studs and stars included and others will have glittery layers. The type of nail polish and the application method will also determine how soon you need a refill or a redo of the design so always make these considerations.

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