Trending Hairstyles 2019 – Easy Hair Bun

Hair buns are easy, classic, timeless, and beautiful hairstyles for women for many years. Hair buns can be styled for work, prom or the gym, from chic and romantic to casual and flirty. When you wear hair bun you will never feel bored with styling your hair and will have a beautiful hairstyle. Choosing the right headband will depend on the type of your hair bun. You can wear hair bun as messy, carefree, sleek, casual, or formal. If you’re going for a messy, casual style, make sure you tease your hair and pull out some pieces from your bun to make it look more natural. It looks best when you look like you just woke up. Also, wrapping some longer pieces of hair around the base of your ponytail will make it look completely natural.

Formal hair bun:

Formal buns are really popular with many celebrities. If you need an elegant look for a certain event, wearing a bun often times isn’t the first hairstyle that pops into mind. To wear hair bun as for formal event use hair donuts for creating that perfect formal hairstyle. They are great for date night, girls night or hitting the town. For these buns, make sure everything is slicked back to create a sophisticated, sexy bun. You could even braid your ponytail, and wrap it around your bun, creating a stylish bun.

Casual hair bun:

Casual bun are cute and casual, which is perfect for everyday wear. For casual hair bun use fabric and cotton headbands to have great style, also wear a sparkly, glitter headband to add that extra bit of feminine glam. Casual buns look best for women who need easy, beautiful, natural and effortless hairstyle. It’s not hard to try doing your hair bun yourself as there are many tutorials you can learn from. Here are some beautiful ideas…

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