10 Interior Stairs Design Ideas

Choosing the perfect interior stairs design is not a task that is worth underestimating. The beauty of a home lies not in the size or the brand of its furnishings, but rather on the small details that make up the whole look. You want visitors to leave your home with a good impression. Keep in mind that any change in the design and colors can change the overall look. The stairs design has a crucial role in making a home’s look. So if you need the perfect look for your home, you need to carefully choose your interior stairs design.

Spiral stairs:

The best choice for smaller homes. These staircases allow you to save a lot of space without sacrificing any aesthetic qualities. Yes, a spiral staircase may sound conventional, but when the contractors arrive to start work on your staircase, you can always supervise the design process and input your own suggestions. If you want to be more adventurous, you can go for a staircase that has separate entry points from the top floor with one exit point at the ground floor of your home. This unique “Y” design works best for larger homes with more than one hallway on the top floor. Iron edges should be one of the choices of material for you to use in your staircase. For a very stylish look mix between iron and glass this will give you a very edgy and awesome stairs. Choose your colors to match with the main colors of your home.

Custom interior Stairs:

The cost of custom stairs would normally be about $10,000 or less, but that would depend on the materials used and the number of steps required for the staircase. You may end up paying more, however, if you have special design specifications. While you should not skimp when it comes to ensuring your design is creative and stylish, the choice of contractor would also matter if you want to get good bang for your buck.