12 Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Let’s keep it real, every now and then most of us tend to get hit by a sudden urge to change our lives-by getting our hair cut. After all, stirring everything up just when life starts to settle down sounds like a good idea. The 50s are a time in life when everything has a certain monotony clinging to it; you’ve seen a solid chunk of what the world has to offer. So here’s to spice it up (and to good haircuts). Here are the 12 best hairstyles for women over 50.

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#1 Pixies:

One of the most classic looks out there; the pixie cut is a hit among people of all ages, from kids to adults. But they appear to be a solid hit in women over 50, and for good reason, too! This haircut is not only easy to handle but is also complimentary for your facial features. It frames the features in a way that makes them look sharper and gives the effect of being much more youthful. And as for handling it, wear it wet or keep it dry, just run a comb through it.

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#2 The Lob:

For women with thinner hair who prefer to keep their hairdo longer, the Lob (or long bob) is a perfect choice. The longer haircut ending just below the jaw accentuates the jawline and has a slimming effect on the features. Use a curler to give yourself a lightly curled look, straighten it for a sleek look, or wear it wet to mimic the “just outta the shower” effect. It can be anything you want while not being too overpowering.

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#3 Diane Keaton’s Short Bob:

Let’s hear it, folks, she’s one of the most iconic women of our times, known among hairstylists for the variety of perfect looks that she sports. However, Diane Keaton tends to stick to her favorite look when it comes to hair: the short bob. While she usually wears it with soft bangs, she can be seen to sweep back the bangs. This look fits her personality perfectly, as it’s a very graceful cut. Do keep in mind that she always sports a pair of glasses, so you, too, can sport the cut with a variety of accessories.

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#4 Single Length Side Part:

Here’s to all my low maintenance ladies out there; this is the perfect one for you all. Especially for ladies with thinner hair, the side part adds texture and volume to your cut, and it doesn’t even require a trip to the salon. One of Meryl Streep’s favorites, it can be styled with a central part to accentuate the features. It can be kept on any length of hair and requires just a comb to style it. What more could you ask for?

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#5 Bangs:

Ladies over 50 without bangs, consider getting them. They’re trendy, they change according to your look, and thick, side-swept bangs can take years off your age. However, do remember that keeping them in-cut can be quite high maintenance, as you’ll have to get them cut every few weeks or so. They can be sported with pixies, lobs, shags, anything you could think of.

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#6 Short Curly Wild Bob:

In case you haven’t thought of getting this one, you might want to look into it. For all the ladies out there born with textured and curly hair, this cut is a complete Godsend. It’s flirty, it’s cute, and it’s by far the easiest one to handle when dealing with curly hair. For women with straight hair, you can get a perm at the nearest salon. If you don’t want to commit to something as permanent, you can just curl your hair at home. However, if you have already short hair, you might want to grow it out, as curls decrease the length.

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#7 The Shag:

While it may appear to be a cut for younger women, the shag is an age-old hit among ladies of all ages and is flattering on everyone, all the same. While it might be nice to have a bit of length, it does tend to drag down the volume, the endgame being flat hair. This haircut is perfect for textured hair. When added to the mix, carefully place highlights add the illusion of thickness and dimension to the hair. If not highlights, opt for balayage.

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#8 Flip with Side Swept Bangs:

Give some special attention to your eyes by making good use of the flip cut with side swept bangs. The angle works to draw attention to your beautiful eyes, and best of all, it works perfectly with wavy and curly hair. The bangs help to blend in some of the less flattering features, such as a highly wrinkled forehead, or a receding hairline. It also serves to offer many choices when it comes to bangs. If you don’t like the side-swept bangs, consider fringe bangs, or get your stylist to give you layers starting at the eyes.

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#9 Blunt Lob:

Let’s address the myth that older women can’t pull off long hair. Women like Kelly Lynch have long since dispelled that old myth. But even though it’s a myth, cutting off a few inches can make a huge difference. Bob hairstyles are a chic style that tends to look good on all faces. If you like classic, clean looks, this is the one for you. Although it can easily be worn as a messy look, you’ll require a blow dryer and a straightener to achieve a sleek look.

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#10 Classy Updo:

Updos always look classy and sophisticated. They can fit in for any occasion. If you leave them a bit messy, you’ll look casual and relaxed. If you keep it sleek, you’ll look elegant. So even if your hair ends up falling out a bit at the end of the day, it won’t be a problem. This style gives you a feeling of royalty. Paired with a sundress, or a dress, or even casual attire, this look will leave you ready to rock the day.

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#11 Half Up, Half Down:

There is a multitude of ways to accomplish this look. Gather hair from the crown of your head and tie it however you want; in a ponytail, in a braid, a bun or even a knot. Now do with the rest however you please. Leave it as it is, curl it, or straighten it. You can set it over your shoulders, or you can sweep it back. You could also set it in beachy waves. It’s an elegant look that’ll be forgiving on your features. So wear it however you want.

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#12 Side Braid:

This one can be arranged with all the hairstyles. Wear it with a bun, an updo, a ponytail, a braid, a fishtail, or a knot. And it’s easy enough to try. Start with three strands of hair from your temple, and braid normally, but keep adding more locks to each strand as you braid it along the side of your head. Now, do the same with the other side and make it a crown, or just pin it and curl your free hair. Or draw it back into a casual ponytail or braid. It’s your choice however you wish to style it.

It’s time for women over 50 to get styling and rock the years with the best hairstyles!