1940s Hairstyles for Long Hair

I’ll take you in a journey to year 1940 to find the most fabulous and cute Hairstyles for long hair that you can try also today. You will find answers about the trendy hairstyles in 1940. We can’t describe those hairstyles, but you will see yourself. The women took very long time and made a lot of steps to reach the perfect look of this hairstyles. There were hairstyles like the Vingle hairstyles, the Victory Roll hairstyles and the turban hairstyle.

1940s Hairstyles

1940’s Hairstyles Not Complex

The wonderful thing about the 1940’s hairstyle is that, while it provides an awesome look, it doesn’t take very long to construct. There are a few things that have to go into any attempt at making a correct 1940s hairstyle. The first and most important item is the part. Today’s women are not nearly as particular about their part as women of the 1940’s were. They did not create the part down the middle, instead opting to part their hair on one side or another.

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1940’s Hairstyles Accessories

For those who really want to get creative and authentic with their look, accessories are a must. Women of that time liked to have fun with their hair, so they would often experiment with flowers and other things. By putting a flower in your hair, you can add something distinctive to the look and also celebrate the way women really looked back in the forties. The only problem with hair from this era is that women with short hair would often run into problems trying to find a good look. That era did not feature nearly as much short hair, so there are fewer prevailing looks for those with a short look.

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Celebrities Bring Back 1940’s Hairstyles

This is why it isn’t surprising to see style icons such as Megan Fox and Katherine Heigl bringing back 1940s hairstyles. Our gallery contain 10 of hairstyles for long hair that can give you a good idea about 1940s styles.

1940s Hairstyles
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