Go Vintage With The Cutest 1950s Hairstyles

The 1950s was the decade where new hairstyles were tried out and brought forward. After the Second World War and the post war era, the years of 1950 were comparatively an age of prosperity. This decade heavily affected the world fashion and emphasized the idea of glamour. Influential hairstyles of the decade include Alexandre, Raymond Bessone, and Sydney Guilaroff, who led French hairstyles to Hollywood, introducing and making popular the bouffant hairstyle, pixie cute, and the likes. The film industry and the music industry of America influenced hairstyling ideas all over the globe, in both teen pop culture and mainstream media and high fashion.

With the rise of the rock genre music, fashion and subcultures among teenagers grew into a path separate from mainstream fashion. Women and girls all over the globe wore hair in a variety of American influenced ways. 1950s also gave way to products for styling hair, like hair oils and hair creams, and setting sprays, which affected the then trends of hairstyling and changed the day-to-day hair fashion. In the 1950s, women’s hairstyles were less intricate and more natural than those worn in the 1940s, due to the prevalence of the casual look.

Hair Inspirations And Icons Of The 1950s Hairstyles:

1. Bridget Bardot:

The French actress is to this day known for her signature honey hair scooped into a pouffe.

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2. Audrey Hepburn:

Ever popular trendsetter Audrey Hepburn remains a huge inspiration to many to this day. From her ever popular clipped bun to a twisted ponytail to a pixie cut, Audrey Hepburn introduced many a hairstyle to the international fashion industry.

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3. Marilyn Monroe:

International icon Marilyn Monroe remains in the hearts of anyone who knows of her. She could be seen wearing a casual pin up updo other in her signature platinum blonde hair.

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4. Jean Seberg:

Hollywood actress Jean Seberg preferred a hint of bouffant with her not quite topknot.

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5. Elizabeth Taylor:

Liz Taylor could be pictured accessorizing her bouffant with a wide hairband in 1959.

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1950s Inspired Hairstyles:

Women’s hairstyles in the 1950s were quite diverse. Women wore varying lengths of hair, although they over their 20s generally preferred medium length hair. Women usually mimicked the hairstyles and hair colors of popular television and film personalities, and top models displayed in fashion magazines played a pivotal role in influencing their styles.  However, it seems that those hairstyles are no longer limited to the 1950s. Those styles are now being introduced into modern daily fashion by the name of “vintage hairstyles”. The following are the most popular vintage hairstyles taking the industry by storm once more.

1. The Faux Bob:

Hairstyles in the 50s gave preference to short hair. Hairstyles such as the “faux bob” were brought into the light, allowing women with long hair to flow with the trend of short hair. You, too, can mimic this hairstyle, with the help of a blow dryer and a round brush for an intensely dramatic wave. Make sure that the wave is voluminous in order to let it properly indulge in the 50s style. Moving on, fold and pin the edges of the hair up to create a “faux bob”.

1950s hairstyles (4)

2. Victory Rolls:

Short and big hair was a specialty of hair in the 50s. Women left, right, front and center sported the victory rolls. This look can be easily achieved with the help of a round brush, some mousse, and a blow dryer.

1950s hairstyles (5)

3. Curly Bob:

This hairstyle is still big in the industry today. And it’s quite easy to create. You’ll need some hairspray and a curling wand. Curl your hair as you usually would: just keep the strands tight. Or put mousse in your hair, and use plastic curlers. Remove them to unleash your curls.

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4. Bettie Bangs:

Bettie Page; the beauty famous for her Pin Ups. Men were in love with her, women wanted to be her. She had luscious looking, thick hair, however, her bangs were what made her a fashion icon. Even to this day, women style their hair the Bettie Bangs way.

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5. 1950s French Twist:

The French twist was an elegant, sophisticated hairstyle of its time. Style your French twist with a hint of bouffant for the amazing 50s vibe.

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6. Bettie Page Waves:

Although short hair was the most common type of hair in the 1950s, Bettie Page created a wave of “Beat Girls” (women who would copy her hairstyle) inspired by her long hair. Her style was simple: the trusted waves and bangs parted in the middle. You just need a round brush and a blow dryer to complete this gorgeous look.

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7. Poodle Hair:

Contrary to what the name insinuates, this hairstyle does not require use of a poodle in any way. This style was quite popular in the 1950s and was frequently worn at formal events.

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8. Roller Hair:

This 50s trend started the wave of going to sleep with curlers in your hair. Young women would add a beret to this curled hair for a perfectly chic and “Parisian” look.

1950s womens hairstyles (3)

9. Top Rolls 1950s Hairstyles:

The 50s era was the time of pin-ups. Young women sported top rolls to for the retro, pin up hairdo. The pined curls added neat volume to the hair.

1950s womens hairstyles (4)

10. The Beehive 1950s Hairstyles:

We’ve already established that although long hair wasn’t as popular in the fifties. But that doesn’t mean that there weren’t a number of ways developed in which women wore them. This hairstyle added mounds of volume. It’s simple enough to create. Simply comb your hair back around the crown of your head and tuck in a chignon-bun maker for getting that beehive look.

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11. Curly Pixie 1950s Hairstyles:

This look was majorly popularized by Audrey Hepburn in her movies “Sabrina” and “A Roman Holiday”. So naturally, women went crazy for this pixie cut after seeing it sported by the most beautiful fashion icon of the century.

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12. Thick Bangs 1950s Hairstyles:

Not only did the 50s experience the gorgeous Bettie Bangs, but thick bangs also rose to popularity. They frame your face and also put the spotlight to know if your hair are thick or not.  Thick bangs often went along well with a bouffant and became a popular fashion with a variety of actresses opting for them.

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13. The Hollywood Look:

The side-swept hair was what signified the ideal Hollywood look. To this day, actresses are spotted going around with this classic hairstyle. So who’s stopping you?

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How To Give Your Hair A Vintage Look:

#1 Keep your hair smooth and shiny.

#2 Keep your hair short and well trimmed.

#3 Pair your hairdo with a scarf or a bandanna.

#4 Make use of thick hair bands.

#5 Put in a twist every now and then.

#6 Make use of bun makers.

#7 Wear it with pouffes.

#8 Invest in quality mousse to keep your hair in place.

#9 Buy a big round brush.

We hope that this would help you refresh the old vintage styles and look your best anytime!