1960s Hairstyles – The Most Chic Hairstyles From the 1960s

The sixties are known as the golden era when it comes to collecting inspiration and style. From winged eyeliners to thick, chic hairstyles, the sixties had it all. The best part was that everything would complement the period and made a great combination. The decade was a great piece of mix and match and new bomb hairstyles. Hair has turned out to be the way a person likes to represent itself in front of the world. The period in history is known as of the decade of beauty and evolving styles. The sixties style is the best way to dress when one wants to go “vintage”. The glamorous days were full of energy and people enjoying life. But the best part of the time was the hairstyle back then, which is still in style and anyone can stun that look no matter what. Some of the famous hairstyles are still seen around very commonly. Styles come and go; only the ones that touch a thousand hearts stay. These hairstyles remind a lot about the time and people’s choice. Let’s check out the chicest hairstyles from the 1960s.

1. 1960s Beehive Hairstyles:

This hairstyle is the official representation of the sixties; it was introduced by Margret Vinci Heldt and was brought in fame by the band The Ronette. After this great entry almost every other celebrity as witnessed with the beehive hairstyle. And everyone rocked it to a new level. The hairstyle was s made with the special help of a lot of hairsprays. You can always trust a beehive there’s nothing that can go wrong with the style. 

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2. 1960s Bangs:

There is nothing catchier than the bangs; this gorgeous yet classy hairstyle was created by Marianne Faithfull. This choppy look is a way to perfectly frame your eyes. These bangs were usually paired with loose curls or dead straight long hairs. The signature bangs require the most minimal hair styling out of all the others.

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3. The Curly Short 1960s Hairstyle:

The dearest marlin Monroe left behind her legacy by not only her great work but also the great hairstyles. Her iconic look turned out to be very fresh and classy. The simple look is made by blonde hair with big curls and a medium shoulder length. Now sweep them to one side and you are ready to rock the style. It was a rage back in the decade.

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4. The Half Up-do 1960s Hairstyle:

Talking about the 60’s you can not at all forget the backcombed hype that spread like wildfire. The back-combing style was seen so commonly and almost also paired up with a lot of other styles such as the half-up, bun, ponytail, braids and what not ways. Surprisingly it never failed to amaze the people. It can be said that it was invented by Brigette Bardot. The gorgeous style can be complemented by soft and messy waves and a small bouffe.

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5. Bandannas and Head Scarves:

The most trending and yet most loved style of the sixties was the bandanna or headscarves. Topped on a ponytail or simply tied on messy hairs. The bandanna was always the cherry on top. The scarves have always been a very classic look and turned the game around every time. It is also a plus on the bad hair days; it hides the flaws and greasy roots. It was not only about scarves; accessories have always been a great way to style your hair without much of a hustle. Ribbons and jewels are also a fun way to make a style.

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6. The Big Bouffant Style:

This style was a serious matter in the sixties. It was big and dramatic. These also could be paired or styled in with every hairstyle. Such as bun, braids, half up or full down hair and whatnot. This way you can add a look to your hair as well as your face. You can find many photoshoots centered on this hairstyle throughout the decade.

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7. The Short Pixie Cut:

Whether it is long or short, the pixie cut has always won hearts. Straight out of the sixties the pixie cut is the best way to showcase the facial features and to highlight your beauty by styling up your hairs. It was very popular throughout the sixties the same as it is now. The cut was put forward by the famous model, Lesley Lawson.

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8. 1960s Hippie Hairstyles:

Learning about the sixty’s hairstyles, the hippie style is what pops up the most out of all. The celebrities and singers walkout in were the ones that were mostly responsible for bringing this style forward. It was there and it was big! The loose left out messy hair and headbands were mainstream and considered cool enough to become a trend.

1960s hairstyles (8)

9. Short Hair:

At that time even, the short hair cut was in fashion. A lot of the females wanted to cut them short. It was the Supreme band that made this a thing in the ’60s. The short hairstyles were trimmed into edgy short bobs. Don’t forget to add some bangs to them. This way you add in a little volume too. The straight bob cut is still in style and one of the most loved hairstyles out of all. Such as Elizabeth Taylor, she wore her vintage look with grace and carried it so well that it became so trendy now. Her smooth curls and side part are a great way to look fabulous.

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10. 1960s Middle Part Hairstyles:

Take a look into the history and you will find some cool peacemakers rocking the middle part. Long hair usually messy and sleek, is a hippie style but well known as it stands out. This might be quite the type of look you need if you have naturally frizzy hair. And the best part? It does not require a lot of maintenance. You can also add a little longwave to your hair and it definitely will turn out to be perfect.

1960s hairstyles (10)

The journey into the history of the sixties is way too long, the styles and trends are worth trying out even today. They add class and delicacy to the look. The soft and chic looks are the actual part of the decade. The styles make you wish you were born in the ’60s. With just a little amount of hairpins and hairspray, you can easily style your hair with this. Remember the main thing about the sixties was making the hair big and popping them up. So, are you up for some drama from the past? Try out these chic 1960s Hairstyles and rock the classic look!