The Hottest 1970s Hairstyles For Women

The era of the ’70s is still remembered as the period of women’s rights and for the struggle of the environmental movements. A trip down the memory lane makes us realize how inspiring and fascinating that time was. New hairstyles and makeup were invented and brought in to the light. There was a variety of hairstyles at that time. These hairstyles are still loved and worn by hundreds of people. Some of the hairstyles were carried on from the sixties while some more experiments were also made and the people were versatile enough to try those hairdos.

More About The Time:

Every era has its charm just like the 70s was an innovative period. The generation was all about flowy hair and pixie cuts. By the seventies, women empowerment or, what we call now, feminism gained importance, after which hairstyling became more genderless. There were hairstyles which were sported by both men and women. There were many hairstyles such as the pixie and beehive from the sixties that kept on rolling into the seventies and were still very popular, where some of the hairstyles evolved by time. Let’s take our turn to the time machine to see which 9 hairstyles were and still are the most beloved of all.

1. The Shaggy Look:

This hairstyle consisted of a short hair length which usually varied to a medium length as well at times. The look was reasonable where the layers flowed gradually. This look was neither feminine and nor meant only for men. Both men and women would love to go for this look. The length and the messiness of the hair texture were up to them to decide.

1970 hairstyles for women (8)

2. The Smooth Flicks:

The flicks in the 70s were a great deal, there was a time when every other passing lady would be witnessed slaying the look. Sometimes, the length of hair varied from long to medium and short. The flicks are now as famous as the fringes. They brought volume to the face and shaped the forehead very well. Ladies used to set their flicks by styling them with rollers and newly invented heating styling tools. The curl was a way to lift and bring some kind of body to the hair.

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3. Straight and Long: 

This craze started from the sixties and had continued to the late seventies. Long hair has always been in style and continues to stay on top. Dead straight hair with center-parted was very popular and mostly seen sported by many actresses. Some of them added a flick or a fringe to look sleek and classy. To straighten the hair, luckily the blow-dryer was invented. The straight hair gives a purely natural look and the best part is that there is no product used.

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4. The Wedge Style:

This became the hairstyle of the era back in the ’70s. The wedges were a very famous and most beautiful way to express style. The edgy and messy hair was easy going, which consisted of short length hair and with a steep layer cut on the sides and at the back, creating a triangular look with heavy hair.

1970 hairstyles for women (6)

5. The Bangs:

The sleek bangs were not new in the ’70s, but they were still one of the best and eye-catching hairstyles the ladies could rock. They were mostly worn with long hair to bring a little sober look. Many stars wore this look and made it popular among fashion followers.

1970 hairstyles for women (3)

6. The Dread Look:

This look prevailed in America by the 70s and was no exception. It became famous when different singers and actors were seen in their dreadlock hair look. The celebrities have their way of setting new fashion trends. They had been around for centuries among the Africans, but because of the music sensation Bob Marley, they gained great fame and were one of the most followed trends.

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7. The Feathered Hairstyle:

The famous actress Farah Fawcett introduced this hairstyle in the seventies. The look was all fresh and new to people and this brought a great change in the hairstyling trends. The feather cut was an edgy layered cut from the top to the bottom of the hair length and brought volume and shape to the hair. This too was meant to be a unisex hairstyle, something the celebrities, as well as the common people, could wear.

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8. The Pageboy Style:

The look was similar to the common male hairstyles. The round bowl-like cut was very short in length and easy to manage. This style too was not new by the seventies but gained great fame at that time. The 70s version was shorter than that in the 50s but hotter. The hairstyle was mainly for women but even many of the men were seen in this haircut, with forehead bangs and short hair length. 

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9. The Punk Style:

The spiky and edgy hairstyle came into being by the 70s. The look mainly consisted of short hair and multiple piercings, which made the overall look, appear cooler than usual. This was created for and was meant to be for the youngsters. Shaved or carved areas around the head were common and were called a part of fashion. The front hairstyle was usually fringing, bangs and side-parted hair. Other than this, dark and bright hair color became a trend. The colors varied somewhere from the rainbow colors to jet black hair, making the theme somewhat dark and damp. It was all about going crazy into the style. Textures and patterns were also introduced in hairstyling.

1970 hairstyles for women (9)

These were some great and revolutionary hairstyles in the great 70’s period. We hope you enjoyed the ride through the top 70’s hairstyles that are still loved. Hairstyles, dresses and the altogether look is what makes a difference in the time, where the people are the same. The hairstyles have been changing every decade or day by day as new trends and designs come into fashion and go. What is left behind is the history and how things made a difference back then. Many other hairstyles were famous that are still followed wholeheartedly. I guess you will be able to understand the era more appropriately as you now know what the people at that time liked the most.

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