1980s Hairstyles For Women – 14 Iconic Hairstyles

When we think of the bold and wild fashion of the 80s, we think of flared pants, animal prints, athleisure, chunky sneakers, peplum tops, windbreakers, and acid washed jeans. Yeah; you could say it was the decade of the debut of many statements making trends that we still rock to this day. The makeup of the 80s, on the other hand, was a mix of glimmering blue eyeshadow, maroon lipstick, and another contour galore. You might be wondering, but what about the hairstyles of the 1980s? Well, they also made their statements in their own controversial yet classic ways.

1980s Hairstyles:

Take a nostalgic trip through times with our list of the 1980s hairstyles and see for yourself if they are deserving of the controversy surrounding them. Here are the top 10 hairstyle trends from the 1980s that will give you nostalgia like no tomorrow.

#1 Iconic Fe-Mullets:

The fe-mullet is probably one of the most iconic yet also the most controversial hairstyles to this day. It began with Prince and Billy Ray Cyrus rocking this old timey hairstyle, and soon enough, everyone that admired them was rocking this look, regardless of gender. Unfortunately, it didn’t look nearly as good on women as it did on Prince, but it’s still a fashion experiment the industry clearly isn’t too regretful of.

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#2 Versatile Mohawks:

The mohawk was yet another one of the popular hairstyles of the 1980s which aren’t so well received in today’s day and age. Seen on both men and women, this funky and extremely bold hairstyle was a symbol of rebellion and was mainly opted for by people who were into rock music and goth culture. It worked well with the moody makeup of the decade which consisted of dark lipstick and smoky eyeshadow.

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#3 Jheri Curls:

If you’re not familiar with the concept of the iconic Jheri curls, let us fill you in. Invented by the hairdresser Jheri Redding, this hairstyle remains as one of the most iconic African American hairstyles to this day. The Jheri curls are tightly coiled curls which look best on short hair and appear glossy and badass, on both men and women. Celebrities like Rihanna, Evelyn King, and Ola Ray have since rocked this effortlessly beautiful hairstyle.

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#4 Half Up Half Down:

It’s simple, it’s quick, and it’s a total classic that stays in trend at all times. However, the half up half down hairstyle was particularly famous and appreciated in the 80s, and showed up in film on blow out, puffy, curly hair. The look has a childlike innocence to it, which made the women of the 80s look chic and adorable with absolutely no effort.

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#5 Layers and Bangs:

When it came to layering, the hairdressers of the 80s truly went all out. Particularly popular among blondes with dark roots, this feathered look consisted of short but multiple side layers along with wispy bangs upfront. This hairstyle maintained its feathery composition with lots and lots of hairspray and was worn by celebs like Farrah Fawcett and Jennilee Harrison in the 80s.

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#6 Large Waves:

The 80s weren’t only about messy and wild curls, although they were a great part of the decade. Tamer hairstyles came in front of short straight bobs or silky waves. This girly and effortless hairstyle became the one hairstyle young female celebrities of the 80s swore by and soon enough became a symbol of the iconic vintage Hollywood style. Aside from the TV, this also became particularly famous sorority girls and socialites for that chic and sexy touch.

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#7 Big Afros:

The powerful decade of the 80s wouldn’t have been what they became if it weren’t for the freeing hairstyle of the afros. After decades of being forced by the beauty industry to hide their natural hair with wigs, African Americans took a stand against racism by letting their natural curls free and making a beautiful statement with their big and dramatic afros. Soon enough, all the pop stars were rocking this hairstyle trend.

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#8 Scrunchie Mania:

Yes; the VSCO girl-dominated trend that you saw taking over the entire year of 2019 actually originated in the 80s and, let us tell you, there were no VSCO girls to introduce this trend at the time. Scrunchies were worn by almost every teenage girl of the decade and the lopsided and messy scrunchie ponytail soon made its way onto the list of the many iconic hairstyles of the 80s.

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#9 Whale Spout Ponytail:

This one’s definitely a throwback for the ladies who were as preppy as can be back in the day. Another hairstyle accessorized by the iconic scrunchie, the whale spout ponytail was literally a cherry on top of your head, usually paired with feathered bangs and hoops by girls who liked to play it safe when it came to fashion and style.

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#10 Crimped Hair:

Now, this is one of the trends that we look back upon and think: what on Earth were we all even thinking? Crimped hair has earned its position as possibly the strangest and most controversial hairstyle of the decade due to everyone’s obsession with out-of-the-box fashion statements at the time. Well, we’re glad to say that we hope this trend won’t be making a comeback any time soon.

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#11 Permed and Teased:

Another thing everyone seemed to be obsessed with in the 80s is perming and teasing your hair to the max. Hairspray was one of the most valued beauty products as everyone packed it on as much as they could to keep their crazy hairstyles in place. In places like Texas and New Jersey, the bigger your hair was, the better your look was, which is why this trend particularly soared in those places.

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#12 Retro Wrap Up:

Madonna was the queen of iconic and original hairstyles in the 80s, and when she rocked this punk version of the powerful retro hairstyles, wrapped up in a bow headband, everyone knew it was going to be the trendiest hairstyle of the decade. And honestly, no one was complaining.

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#13 Ribbon Barrettes:

Meet the pearl clips of the 80s; ribbon barrettes. Worn to give you that school girl innocence with a chic and fashionable touch, this became a very popular hair accessory and was mostly worn by teenage girls on top of loose and beautiful curls. We’re hoping for a modern comeback to this simple yet alluring hair trend.

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#14 Wild, Wild Curls:

Let’s face it; the 80s were the decade of the curls. Afros, Jheri curls, teased hair, and mullets, there’s nowhere you wouldn’t spot a mesmerizing mop of curls. Made popular by singers like Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, the curly hair trend is something we’ll never forget, mainly because of its carefree and fashionably wild appearance.

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It’s something to admit that the hairstyles of the 80s were a mix of controversial choices and classic statements that we’ll never forget no matter what, as the progress in fashion is all about learning from the past and reviving those trends for the better. All we know is that we’ll definitely be rocking some of these 80s hairstyles in 2020!