28 Beautiful Makeup Ideas For Prom 2020

Every young lady need to look the beautiful and stylish in the prom party. To appear in your best looks, you need to choose a makeup for prom carefully to match with your face shape, hairstyle, dress, and accessories. We brought you the most beautiful makeup for prom ideas this year, so you just need to show them to a makeup artist and he will do it for you or if you have enough experience you can do them by yourself..

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Eyeliner For Prom Makeup

Choose the eyeliner that will be easy for you to manage and to wash away. Use easy to wash eyeliner to protect your eyes sensitive skin. Stylists say that lining only the outside half of the eye makes your eyes look smaller. Some ladies like to have eye liner on the top of their lid, while others like to apply under their eyes. Either way, you’ll need to make short strokes when applying eye liner. It is best practice to use natural and neutral colors until you completely get the hang of it. It is also important that you use eye shadow colors that match each other. Practice a lot with eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner and concealer. You certainly will start to see a wonderful difference in your appearance.

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Eye Shadow Prom Makeup

Choosing and matching the eye makeup colors has the most important role to form a beautiful look. Medium color is traditionally used for the lower lid, with a lighter color for highlighting. Have you ever thought that cream eye shadows are one of the best eye makeup beauty aids. You’d better apply your eye shadow by sweeping your brush across your eye lid making color more deep. Don’t use eye shadow the same color of your eyes. There is a possibility your eyes disappear instead of accenting of their beauty. Applying eye shadow is simple, yet you may need to play around with the color shades to get just the right balance. One secret to eye shadow application is to blend the shades where they meet to prevent stark contrasts in color.

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Mascara For Prom Makeup

Mascara is one of the most commonly used eye make ups. It can be used alone without eye liners or shadow and is quite able to accent your eyes. Mascara opens your eyes by highlighting your eye lashes. Mascara should better be applied to both the upper and lower lashes.

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No matter how tired you are after a fun night out; never sleep with your make up on. Although your skin might not react to this immediately, however in the long run, it will really affect the quality and texture of your skin around your eyes. The skin around your eyes is thinner than the skin on the rest of your face. It should be cleaned gently with the use of a makeup remover designed to care for your eye area.