Braids Hairstyles For Black Women

If you are searching for fashionable hairstyle for black female, you have to try braids. You can use braids to easily changing your hairstyles every day. If you know how to wear them in different ways, they are trendy as well. For African American women the most loved hairstyles based on braids, and short hairstyles. You can get some valuable ideas from the web and try to wear them. Braids hairstyles are a popular trend between celebrities and non celebrities as they are cute and sexy.

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Types of African Braid Hairstyles


If you are searching for the most popular braid hairstyle then Cornrows is the one you need. Cornrows don’t need extensions or long hair to be done correctly and look beautiful. You can choose to make this hair braids as straight lines or zigzag any pattern you like to do.

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Micro Braids:

This hair braid for the women who likes pixie braids. This braids can be done for short and long hair and for long hair can be styled as Up-do hairstyle or ponytail.

Up Do:

Can be done only for long hair and needs hair extensions to look good.

Bob Marley:

Popular Style for coarse hair. You can do many patterns of braiding and create a ponytail or just drop them a round the shoulder.

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To take care of your braids hairstyle you need to understand that hair health starts from inside. We need to take care of our health and what we eat as the good health produces a good hair cells. Eat more natural food and keep away from fast food as possible. Keep a daily workout to enhance your health and your hair. Search for reviews on the styling products you are going to use to be sure they are good for your hair. Use shampoo and conditioner every day and add hair strengthener. Use a few drops of oil before drying your hair.

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