Breathtaking Easy Formal Hairstyles

Formal events like weddings, engagement parties, office meetings, and office parties require a very classy and chic look, with no funky looking accessories or hairstyles. To look formal and elegant, you need the perfect formal dress and most importantly, the right formal hairstyle because no outfit is complete without the right hairstyle. If you are looking for easy formal hairstyles then this is the right place for you. Here are the top easy formal hairstyles that you need to try on your next formal event.

#1 Romantic Waves:

These romantic waves are one of the most loved and famous hairstyles for formal events. They are not only easy to make but they have an elegant vibe to it. You can wear this hairstyle with almost any kind of dress as it is effortless and classic. To achieve this look, all you have to do is brush your hair thoroughly, then part your hair in different sections and then roll then into tiny buns. Once you are done rolling a strand, pin them down to your hair and spray a light coat of hairspray all over your hair. Once you are done with your makeup, remove the pins and let the buns loose and spate them with a light touch of your fingers. Voila, here you have it, the most elegant yet classy hairstyles of all time. Get your elegant mode on with this gorgeous, timeless hairstyle. Decorate this hairstyle with a fancy looking clip to the side to add a chic touch to it.

#2 Donut Bun with Braids:

If you are looking forward to a formal event like a wedding or a formal office party, then you need to go for a donut bun with braids wrapped around it. This hairstyle is easy to make and has a very elegant and feminine look to it. To achieve this hairstyle, all you need is a sock bun, two elastic bands and a bunch of bobby pins, that’s all. First, tie your hair into a ponytail and brush it thoroughly to get rid of any knots. Then slide your ponytail out from the center of the sock bun. Secure the sock bun with a couple of bobby pins, to your hair. Spread your hair evenly all around the sock bun and put and elastic band around the bun to secure your hair in place. Separate the rest of the hair into two sections and braid them into simple braids, once you are done with that, wrap those two braids around the bun and set them in place with a bunch of bobby pins, and you are done. You can even wear a decorated headband for a fancy look.

#3 Chignon Buns:

Whether you are on your way to an important office meeting or to an engagement party, this hairstyle can be your savior. This timeless hairstyle is one of the easiest hairstyles that have that ‘I spent a lot of time on my hair to make it look perfect’ look to it, without putting any effort into it. You can easily try this look by tying your hair into a low ponytail once you are done brushing it properly. Then loosen up the ponytail a little and slide your fingers into the gap from under the ponytail to create a hole-like space between your head and the ponytail. Then take the ponytail and twist it inwards into the hole and pull it out from the bottom. After this take the end of your ponytail and tuck it into the hole again but don’t pull it down, just secure it there with the help of bobby pins. Decorate this easy and loose chignon bun with a gorgeous clip.

#4 Sleek Straight Middle Part:

This hairstyle has got to be the easiest hairstyle that you can make for a formal look. This hairstyle can be achieved in two ways, one with the hair in the sides of your face and the other with your hair tucked behind your hair. To achieve the first look, you just have to straighten your hair to the point that it looks sleek straight. Then part your hair from the middle and brush both the sides to the sides of your face. This will help you frame your face and make it look slimmer. In the next look, you just have to tuck your hair to the back of your ears when you are done parting them form the middle. Secure the tucked back hair with bobby pins so that they stay in their place. If you have naturally straight hair, then it will just be easier for you to make this hairstyle. Most celebrities are seen rocking this hairstyle at formal events like award shows and movie premieres.


#5 Messy French Braid:

Braids are the easiest way to add a touch of elegance to your simple looking outfit. This hairstyle can be worn at a wedding or an important meeting with a client; it is just a matter of how you style it. If you want to go for a professional look, braid your hair into a French braid from the side; loosen it a little by lightly pulling at the strands of the braid and fluffing it up. Frame your face by pulling out a strand or two around your face, and here you have it, the perfect professional look. But if you want to make it look a little fancier, then roll the braid into a bun, secure it with bobby pins and then decorate it with tiny decorative flowers, fancy clips. Also, curl the strands of hair that you pulled out to frame your face, to give it a cute and feminine look.

#6 Waterfall Braids:

This hairstyle is perfect for formal family events that are not too formal but they also require a proper and classy look. After you are done brushing your hair thoroughly, braid your hair into a waterfall braid and fluff it up by slightly pulling at the strands to loosen them up. Curl the rest of your hair to give it an elegant and chic touch. If you want it to look a little more formal, then you can always tie your hair from the bottom so that the hairstyle looks clean and classy. Make sure to leave a few strands of hair on the front of your face so that they can frame your face perfectly.

Now that you know all about these easy to achieve hairstyles for formal events, don’t forget to try and make a few of these to see which one suits you the best. Don’t hesitate to add your personal touch to it by altering it by your need s and likings. These hairstyles are ideal for all hair types and can even be worn on informal occasions, without any hassle. These effortless and timeless hairstyles are all that you need for formal events because you probably wouldn’t have extra time to spend on time-taking hairstyles and haircuts. We hope that this would help you style your hair better and look your best at any formal event.

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Formal events require a specific classy and elegant style that helps you look sophisticated and formal. These hairstyles are the perfect way to save time and still look classy and proper.