DIY Black Smokey Eyes Makeup

Many of the makeup artists don’t have the brave to do a black smokey eyes tutorials. Perfect smokey eyes you need Depend on choosing the right color for your skin, and applying it correctly. Black smokey eyes still in fashion and can turn your look into a stylish look. Black is very beautiful but also hard to be blended so you need some practice to do it perfectly. Watch this tutorial “dark smokey eyes” with a little bit glitter…

Black Smokey Eyes Tutorial

To have a gorgeous smokey eyes you need to blind it correctly and choose the right shadow. This black smokey eyes makeup made by Nikkie specially for Christmas and special occasions. She is going to show you how to apply a foundation first and recommend you the perfect product for that. Nikkie also will show you how to apply the powder that will set the wet concealer and foundation and make sure that it doesn’t move throughout the day. also if you’re using a lighter shade, it also helps highlighting that under-eye some more. Don’t worry it doesn’t look good until the very end that is what pretty much every makeup artist is out there. At the end you shall have a look like in the images below.

black smokey eyes makeup (7)
Black Smokey Eyes
black smokey eyes makeup (6)
Black Smokey Eyes

Learn how to apply smokey eyes and start creating yours using different colors like purple, dark green, and dark blue. Choose your different colors to apply that suitable for your occasion. You might be wondering what can be the best colors that you can choose. Dark colors should be on the top and light colors on the base. Soft gold as the base with dark purple is an excellent choice. Well, most people like to find out how to apply Smokey eye makeup using a black shade.