DIY Food: Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Today I’m going to show you how to make dark chocolate ice cream with three ingredients. One of the most favorite dessert for many people is ice cream. Using chocolate in making ice cream will result in an incredibly delicious dessert for you and your kids. Making dark chocolate ice cream at home has some difficulty in getting the right taste, so we need to use high quality ingredients. If you made it with the right ingredients and steps, it will be super delicious much better than you can get in the store. Lets begin…


1. From the grocery stores a half a liter whipping cream and a can of sweetened condensed milk.

2. Chocolate chips I’m using HERSHEY’S special dark chocolate.

3. Two mixing bowls the smaller one needs to do microwave as well all hand mixer.


Melting the dark chocolate:

We’re gonna start with 240 grams of chocolate, put it in the bowl and put it in microwave for about 30 to 45 seconds. The key here is to  know how strong your microwave is. We’re gonna take it out and mix it up and put it again for 30 seconds and you beat it until it’s completely melted.

diy dark chocolate ice cream (2)

Mixing the whipping cream and condensed milk: 

Get a 500 milliliters of whipping cream in the bowl as well as the condensed milk altogether and mix up the whipping cream and the condensed milk together with the hand blender. After 30 seconds we’re gonna add our hot chocolate, and mix it up. After picking up this much give it a taste, stop mixing and take these juicy goodness and dump it in our container and fill it up then put it in the freezer for about five to six hours. Then we get our ice cream out of the fridge. It it’s time to taste, you will like the taste of dark chocolate.

diy dark chocolate ice cream (3)
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