Greek Goddess Hairstyles Tutorial

The Greek Goddess hairstyles were a main part of their personalities. These hairstyles were also reflect the uniqueness and characteristic of the ancient Greeks. If you want to wear these hairstyles simply follow this quick tips created by secretosdechicas.

Steps to do Goddess hairstyle yourself :

1. First of all you want to take the hair on your crown section smooth it down with your fingers and tie it with a small elastic.

greek goddess hairstyles (1)

2. Next up you want to divide your hair in three sections and do a regular three strand braid. If it’s more comfortable for you bring it to one side to braid the rest of your hair, take a small elastic and tie it.

greek goddess hairstyles (2)

3. Take a section of hair on one side and start twisting it. Bring it to the back and pinch it a little bit, to give it more volume make an opening in the first crossing of the braid and pass that section through. Stick a hair pin so that it will stay in place and do the same thing on the other side twist and pinch make an opening in the following crossing and pass at section bring it up a little and pin it in place and you could either leave it like this which is a very intricate.

greek goddess hairstyles (3)
greek goddess hairstyles (4)
greek goddess hairstyles (6)

4. Or keep on repeating the same steps until all your hair is incorporated into the braid, you just need to take a section twist it and pinch it make an opening with your fingers on one of the crossings of the braid pass that section through bring it up a little bit to meet the others and just stick it in place with a hair pin let’s do this one more time. once you’re done tie everything together with a small elastic and that’s it you’re done.

greek goddess hairstyles (7)

5. Now this is the final look..

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