Hair Color Ideas 2019 for Women

For your hairstyle to look amazing you need to choose your hair color carefully. Every year there are a new trends of hair colors appear, so you may do some search if you need to have a more beautiful look. Hair color is one of the basics for those who like to follow the fashion and appear stunningly gorgeous. New colors that never existed before have become popular and have been admired by many women. In the past, there were women who used dyes to hide gray color in their hair but it became one of the most popular hair colors at that era. Here are some of the best hair colors to get in 2019…

hair color ideas 2019 (9)
Hair color ideas 2019

Rose Gold:

One of my favorite hair colors is rose gold, it replaces the bold blonde. With the pink touch your hair color will be more shiny and beautiful.

Buttery Blond:

One of the hair colors that will continue in 2019 is buttery blond. A lot of celebrities like Kirsten Dunst, and Emma Stone wearing this color and looked fabulous on them. So if you need to look as a beautiful celebrity go for this color.

Red shades:

Red shades are between the best colors that make many hairstyles looks gorgeous. If you didn’t try red color shades you are missing too much beauty that you can add to your look. This hair color specially its dark shades suits women over 40 years.


One of the viral colors that appeared in the last few years and continue. To try the grey hair color and get perfect results you need to have blond hair first as dark hair don’t give the expected results.

Unique colors:

There are unique hair colors that brave women may need to try also. These colors may look gorgeous on you but if not there may be disastrous look. Between the unique colors Pretty Purple, Icy Blonde, and Bold Blue.