How to Easy Updo for Prom Party

Today I’m going to be sharing with you this really elegant and easy updo you are going to be blown away by how quick and easy this hairstyle is.

Step one:

The step I always try to avoid but I find necessary if you want that polished look and it’s teasing your hair. Parker hair as you like and work in small horizontal sections around the crown of your head and I just use a regular comb . Make sure you’re only teasing downwards this help prevents knots and breakage and it’s really easy to brush out later on. When you’re done just gently comb over the top to smooth it down and you can see the nice a bump of volume that this gives.

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Now section off of your hair so from your part down to in front of your ear and then just clip it out of the way be sure to do this on both sides and you could also braid these sections if you wanted to.

how to easy updo for prom party (1)

now loosely gather at the top section of hair you don’t want to flatten that volume and then using a comb too tightly gather that under section and you want to create a tight low ponytail using a strong hair elastic and I’m carefully wrapping my ponytail around my hair it just to help ensure everything stays nice and polished and smooth.

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Step two:

Place your hands on the back of your head pushing hard against your scalp and then slowly pulling your hair upwards just a slight amount really take your time and you can see the additional volume that this helps create.

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Take another strong hair elastic flip your hair upwards and secure this hair elastic around your hair to create a small bun smaller the bun the better this will work.

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Smooth down your hair and hook your finger through that second hair elastic at the bottom of your bun and pull it down so that we’re able to tuck our ends through it now envision drawing the number six that’s how we’re going to direct our hair we’re going to bring it down and loop it through the elastic. I’m just holding my hair in place with my right hand and with my left and bringing my hair down and over my bun and then I’m bringing it under the hair elastic not pulling it through yet and then up and now pulling the hair through the elastic where we were pulling it down so all I did was direct the hair under the elastic and looped it up and pulled it through.

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Step three:

Once you’ve tucked your hair your ends should now be inside of the bun which makes them easy to hide and if they aren’t poking out at all just tuck them back inside. Now take your first side section and pull it so it covers a little bit of your ear and then tightly pull it across the back of your head and then pin it into place. I just pin mine to the underside of my bun. If your hair is long and you still have excess hair hanging out just tuck it in your bun to hide it and on the left side same thing finesse the section and make it a little bit wider and then tightly pull it across the back and pin it to the underside of your bun. You can see it creates a really beautiful cross detailing. For the bun play around with it until you’re happy with the way it looks. You just want to fan out the sides of the bun to close off that hole and then just use bobby pins to pin sides into place and of course go ahead and use some hairspray to smooth out any flyaways.

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