Little Girl Haircuts With Bangs 2020

Even little girl has their distinct sense of fashion. Most little girls want to be just like their mom or their favorite Disney character princess. They expect their mom to turn them into Rapunzel or Elsa, but what we should do is to encourage them to embrace their own beauty and tell them that they are a princess in themselves. However, to set a look, some mothers are having trouble deciding what haircuts to choose for their beautiful princesses. Usually, mothers would go for the standard ones, such as ponytails and pigtails. However, these unstylish haircuts might not go along with their personality. It could be tricky to come up with perfect hairstyles for your girl. However, do not worry about it as there are many on-trend, classy, and cute bangs haircuts for your little girls to choose from.

#1 Mid Forehead Bangs:

 These bangs are the perfect blend of modern and retro, and it’s making a comeback now. It trends and pairs well with almost any hairstyle and is very versatile, no matter what your little girl’s hair length is.

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#2 Choppy Tousled Bangs:

Choppy tousled bangs look tremendous and they give a chic look. For a Fun Loving kid, there couldn’t be a better haircut than this. It’s perfect and, at the same time, messy, which reflects a specific trait of a person. It works magic on shaggy hair.

little girl haircuts with bangs (13)

#3 Curtain Bangs:

Curtain bangs are the latest trending bangs with all cool girl vibes. It will look super pretty on your doll and they are the best option if your girl has straight hair.

little girl haircuts with bangs (14)

#4 Long Inwards Bangs:

Most of the mothers like long hair for their baby girl because of how the hair gives us a feminine touch and feel. If you want long hair for your daughter and still want a young touch then try these long inward bangs to nail that look.

little girl haircuts with bangs (21)

#5 Baby Bangs:

The blunt bangs that hang loosely several inches above the eyebrows are the baby bangs. They have been for so long, you can say it is a classic style that never goes out of fashion. They can be sharp yet sophisticated, and it covers up big foreheads, which in result transfer attention to the eyes of your baby doll.

little girl haircuts with bangs (15)

#6 Side-Swept Bangs:

Side-swept bang is a versatile haircut that will never go out of fashion. This style slays with many different lengths and cuts of hair. You can do many side hairstyling with the longer side swept bangs. You may let them fall on your face or pin them into an up-do easier to get them off from your daughter’s face. This side-swept bangs hairstyle mostly accommodates a rounder face shape well.

little girl haircuts with bangs (16)

#7 Sharp Bangs:

Short bangs are the perfect look for any little girl with any shape type. short Bangs draw attention to your baby girl’s beautiful eyes and can emphasize on their cute cheeks. It is usually paired with pixie short hair or bob cut.

little girl haircuts with bangs (2)

#8 Thick and Blunt Bangs :

Thick and blunt bangs are fun to have an adorable, especially with a short bob. This is also a popular style but works perfectly only with thick hair, your daughter will slay in it is she has a dense amount of hair because it’s easy and comes out naturally on thicker hair.

little girl haircuts with bangs (3)

#9 Curly Bangs:

Curly bangs are one of the cutest hairstyles for little girls. Once you got the perfect cut, which is not to short and not too long because short bangs can be less flattering and too many long hits can be irritating and challenging to handle, especially with the curly hair. 

little girl haircuts with bangs (4)

#10 Faux Bangs:

Faux Bangs is one of the biggest trends we see right now. If you have a good taste you’d definitely go with good quality bangs, you can have all of the fun and excitement of a new haircut with no long commitment. It’s perfect for that little girl who had the same look but now wants a little change.

little girl haircuts with bangs (18)

# 11 Minimal Long Bangs:

One of the pros of having minimally long style bangs is that you can make different hairstyles out of it twists it turn it or braid it, with subtle crown hairstyle being one of the most popular among them. When worn casually, it’s utterly charming. This is a gorgeous way to make dull long hair fresh.

little girl haircuts with bangs (17)

#12 Long Airy Bangs:

Airy bangs are trendy among youngsters because of K-pop. These see-through bangs are not thick instead they tend to be thinner so your forhead is visible.  Your daughter is going to love it if she is also a K-pop fan. 

little girl haircuts with bangs (5)

#13 Side Long Bangs:

If you come up with a decision that you want long hair for your girl, eliminate the idea of cutting hair from the front just let grow it and grow it long from one side t. you can use clips and other accessories to secure the locks from the girl’s face. It will task, but at last, you will see positive outcomes.

little girl haircuts with bangs (6)

#14 Angled Bob With Bangs:

This haircut for little girls looks fabulous on both wavy and straight hair. It is suitable for active fun girls since it is long enough to pull up and tied in a ponytail.

little girl haircuts with bangs (7)

#15 Long Shaggy Bangs:

Bangs are usually more suits on a girl with a wide forehead; it’s a way of hiding the wide forehead and making the entire face look more symmetrical. Little girls with wide forehead would be pleased with long shaggy bangs, especially if they have naturally wavy hair.

little girl haircuts with bangs (8)

#16 Jagged Asymmetrical Bangs:

It’s a sassy and versatile bangs haircut. It is an excellent choice for a girl with tomboyish characteristics because it’s classy, chic, timeless, and suitable for all face shape and different types of hair.

little girl haircuts with bangs (9)

#16 Blunt Cut Bangs:

Don’t be afraid to go bold for your bold daughter. This asymmetrical hairstyle and the side part looks super gorgeous and they create a confident and feminine image.

little girl haircuts with bangs (10)

#17 Long Bob With Bangs:

If you want to update your baby girl’s appearance and go with a long length hairstyle, there is nothing prettier than a long bob with bangs. If your daughter’s hair is currently short, you may be tempted to let it grow, so go for this haircut.

little girl haircuts with bangs (19)

#18 Face Framing Bangs:

Often trimmed dry and vertically, a wispy set of fringe looking hair looks good on everyone who wants to make a small change with maximum hair chopped. This is a superb way to make boring long hair fresh.

little girl haircuts with bangs (11)

#19 Long, Side-Swept Layers Bangs:

Side bangs are super trendy right now. making bangs swept to the side gives a soft, relaxed look on your girl’s face. The hairstyle is charming on cute little girls, especially with long layers. If your daughter has medium length hair, try this style to give her the flattering look.

little girl haircuts with bangs (20)

#20 Soft Chic Bangs:

There’s nothing better than beautiful, flowy hairs, and a shoulder-length bob with soft bangs. Plus, highlights perfectly frame your cute daughter’s face – especially when they are focused on the tips.

little girl haircuts with bangs (12)

Some of these ideas for your little girl haircuts with bangs can make you think of getting one for yourself too. Watching all these cute styles would make you want to be a little girl again. Sadly, it is impracticable. But you can give these incredible look to your daughter. Don’t waste any more time; try creating these gorgeous cute haircuts on your little princess.