12 Stylish Long Pixie Cuts 2020

The pixie cut has turned out to be the easiest and the most loved hairstyle for 2019. No one seems to resist this style, not even celebrities. For instance, Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart and many more were addicted to this look. It gives a versatile look to a person’s face. The long pixie cut for women acquires not much maintenance and is very easy to take care of. It tends to provide the sexiest and bold appearance which is always appropriate for the ladies. It is low maintenance means it can be maintained at home without visiting a hairdresser every now and then. So, you are always good to go whether it’s a party or any gathering with friends.

long pixie cut (2)

Talking about the celebrities, the well-known scarlet Johansson seems to love all the styles in the pixie haircut. She has been rocking all the soft and elegant looks. The long pixie look enhances the facial features giving your face a lifted shape. Let’s take a look into the top 12 most stylish long pixie cuts for this year. The edgy and iconic look is also known by the names of some famous celebrities. A long pixie hairstyle is what lies between a pixie and a bob cut. Keep them straight or curly, style it however you want, it’s all up to you. It always gives a bizarre result. Without further ado, let’s get right into the details.

Stars And Their Looks:

Many of the pixie styles are named after the all-time favorite stars, such as almost every hairdresser knows how to style when it comes to Kiera Knightley’s iconic style. She simply blew up the record of long pixie haircut with her sassy ends. The other actress that had put herself under the limelight with her shoulder-length pixie haircut is Anne Hathaway. her long pixie is what uniquely showcases her beauty. Some other important names to rock the long pixie look are none other than Katy Perry, Emma Willis, Paz Vega and none other than Rihanna. All of these actresses were spotted rocking these long pixie cuts in different styles, on several occasions. They were even able to rock the bold hairstyle with all types of outfits, from floor-length dress to tailored suits. They made a statement with whatever they styled this classy the haircut with.  

The Great long Pixie Variations:

This haircut has turned out to be very supple and modest yet something that helps you appear dominant and bold. You will undoubtedly get a bundle of compliments as soon as you chop off your hair into this beautiful cut. So be ready to get inspired by the long list of variations it keeps. Here are 12 Most Stylish Long Pixie Cuts for women.

#1 Long Bangs:

This lopsided long pixie cut is the perfect way to add a choppy look and is the best pixie cut for women. This way you don’t get to play with the hair span yet you can wear this sleek hairstyle without looking manly. This is a great way to look wow, effortlessly.

long bangs pixie cut

#2 The A-line Long:

Do you always want to look done and ready to go? Then no need to tie up your hair in a bun. Instead, you can get an A-line pixie haircut. It is mainly made by the blade and texturing scissors, leaving you with a ready to go stylish look.

the a line long pixie cut

#3 The Layered:

Hey, so this long-layered look is something anyone can fall for. This is the style that focuses on the face making it more prominent and shapes it as well. The layers are a perfect sideburn and give a stunning outlook.

the layered pixie

#4 The Classic:

This simple hairstyle can help you flatter your face without much of a hustle. The tapered look is also a good way to style your hair up. Now for the look, blow-dry hair using a brush, blow-dry in the direction of pulling the roots up as you dry the hair. Now finish the look by running a flat light heat iron throughout and don’t forget to add serum.

the classic pixie

#5 Pixie With Highlights:

This subtle look is a perfect match for the ones with bold eyes. In this look the chopped off pixie cut is blended in with balayage highlights, this does not make the layers stand out and turn out the look. It is easy to maintain at home and you are always good to go.

pixie with highlights

#6 The Side Shaved Edgy Look:

This long pixie haircut is feminine and still not very common. The undercut hair styling is what gives life to the look and differentiates it from the other looks as well. Usually, people pair it up with long bangs to give it a soft and subtle look. Make sure to apply a lightweight volumizer to your hair, also add a little volume to your hair by curling the long bangs backward.

the side shaved edgy look

#7 The Dramatic Bangs Pixie Look:

Bored with your current hairstyle? Looking for ways to spice up your boring look? No worries, the dramatic bangs pixie haircut has it all covered up. The side bangs are a great way to frame the face and make it appear slimmer.

the dramatic bangs pixie look

#8 Messy Pixie:

Not into styling your hair now and then? Great, then this look can be your best friend. The messed up long hair pixie cut gives a bit of messy volume to your hair and makes it look healthier. Also, the messy look has been famous for a while now. A pro tip is to skip shampoo when washing your hair, go for a light dose of conditioner instead. Also, get them blow-dried or air-dried the hair while using your hands to de-tangle the hair. This way you get the ideal messy hair look with just a few simple steps.

messy pixie

#9 Silver Extra-Long Bang:

Color your hair in the icy silver shade, get the extra-long bang pixie cut and you are cool enough to rock the night look. The bangs are long enough to touch the shoulder whereas the hair at the back is short, making it an easy to handle, comfortable hairstyle.

silver extra long bang pixie cut

#10 Curly Long Pixie Cut:

Here comes the definite eye-catching look. So if you have curly hair, this look is a must-go for you. The additional but subtle highlights can be cherry on top. It not only is pretty but also gives a sophisticated look to the person. To enhance the look, you can apply Cry Curl Enhancing Mousse to the damp hair. And once they are dried completely, go in with a curling wand a little more to create volume.

curly long pixie cut

#11 A-symmetrical Pixie Cut:

This famous style includes a long side-swept bang. This is what creates a sleek and sheen impact. This a-symmetrical cut is what pops the facial features, defining the face shape and making it look edgier and sharper.

a symmetrical pixie cut

#12 Messy Bowl:

The symmetric pixie cut is what helps draw attention to your cheekbones and eyes. The extra-long fringed bangs and the edgy cut is made to flatten the chin and is no exception to the style trending at the very moment. The bowl cut makes it look even more stylish and all set to sheen out. The modern and stylish cut suits every person you just need to be daring enough to make up your mind. The long layers are covering the neat undercut make it look sleek and stylish at the same time.

messy bowl pixie cut

The long pixie hair cut is what attains the feminine look and still blows up the dramatic look as well. The extra-long length is at the front. This helps enlighten the face and also soften the look. The edgy yet classy look is many people’s favorite and this is why it can be seen around on many faces. It is fancy and easy to rock style to accessorize yourself with. The best way to pull off this look is to find the best suitable style for your face cut. Above mentioned are some very cool ways to style your pixie cut in a variation. You can go on choose between long or short, tapped or textured, wavy or straight styled pixie cuts, with sweeping bangs into the face to shaving off the sides. Balance out the look with a blend of colors. You can go fancy with the variations in colors such as the icy silver, purple, blue, red, burgundy, brown and even jet black. All these hacks are mentioned above to be styled. So go on and have a good look at it and decide what you want to go with.

Still confused? Don’t worry there are many answers to your queries. Just head into the look and find the one which suits your face and hair type the best. Get your lives blooming with the long pixie cuts that have it all. We hope that this guide will help you on your road to getting the best haircut experience with tons and tons of experiments and styling.