12 Hottest Short Haircuts for Women 2020

There is no doubt long hair looks super sultry as they fall over a woman’s shoulder in a cascade turning outwards in rhythmic seismic waves. However, not all female fashionistas can take the pressure of maintaining a mane which we all know requires time, effort, finances, and when women are on the verge of taking over the world hair problems should be the least of their worries. We have rounded up a list of 12 hottest short haircuts for women that women of all ages can flaunt without a worry in the world. Short haircuts for women are not only practical but they look super edgy as well, read ahead as we dissect the anatomy of short haircuts for women.

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Short Haircuts for Women for 2020

There is so much going on in the fashion world right now that one could miss a whole ‘new season of obnoxious trend alert’ if one decides to stay off social media for a day! It’s all going buzz for now. Short hair is the ‘it’ thing despite Scrunchies making a big come back towards the end of 2019.

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For 2020, most fashion pundits have come up with the collective prediction that this ‘long hair, don’t care’ slogan will very much become invalid in the first half of the next year, and will be replaced by ‘short manageable hair goes a long way’. We are expecting edgy razor cuts, short bobs with a splash of unconventional statement making hues and a lot more. No, we are not going to leave you hanging thinking what’s more instead we are listing up the short haircuts for women that you should definitely try out – either as a fashion upgrade or a coping mechanism from childhood traumas (just kidding).

#1 Autumn/ Fall hued Pixie Cut

Inspired by the pixies, this haircut is all about creating a look that is manageable and pretty much on fleek if you have silky hair. Short haircuts for women can get tricky when you wish to look fashionable without compromising on your comfort zone; trade in some scissors and some hair color this fall season for great texture. You can choose from an ombre themed mane that features a mixture of burgundy, brown and gold – the fade away color look will add depth to your look.

fall hued pixie cut

#2 Chopped Bob For Thin Hair

Begin this New Year with a ‘new hair, new me’ resolution that you can stick with (like you have stuck with your late night social media using habits) till the end of the year. The coming year is calling for ladies that have thin hair to chop down their long flimsy locks in return for healthy looking thick mane.Short haircuts for women don’t have to be all boring, you know. For the year 2020 you can opt for chopped bob hair that you can style every day without much effort. You can create multiple looks with this haircut, but the best of them all comes when you just leave it messy.

chopped bob for thin hair

#3 Metallic Layered Crop

For the year 2020 hairdressers will be breaking all boundaries for creating aesthetic haircuts. They will be painting their canvases in shades of silver and metallic grey like they did in late 2019. We saw multiple socialites flaunting a silver metallic mane, and in the coming year things will go only uphill from there with more elaborate color schemes. The metallic color scheme will be paired with layered cropped hair cut to enhance the impact. In 2020 you will see more and more women flaunting an elaborate layered crop which will have personalized touches from the hairdresser, and sometimes from the person flaunting the haircut. This haircut will favor women with round faces, and if you have a wide forehead then you can add front slant bangs to taper down the surface area. So, here is another idea for short haircuts for women that will look ‘oh so gorgeous’!

metallic layered crop

#4 Faux Hawk Short Haircuts

You must have guessed this what this short haircut for women looks like by now. This Mohawk inspired look is pretty much about adding volume on the top and shaving the sides so your face looks longer than it actually is. The perfect option for women with small faces, and girls who wish to look edgier. We call it the faux hawk because you can side part hair to completely transform your haircut into a more acceptable (and permissible by the school) hairstyle.

faux hawk

#5 Statement Bob With Shaved Sides

Being an old woman doesn’t mean you lose yourself to the responsibilities and forget how fun getting a whole new transformation could be! Short haircuts for women 2020 will feature a lot of eccentric haircuts like this one. Women who wish to experiment and look peculiar in a crowd full of Xerox copies of Vogue models should totally opt for this. A bob plopped onto one side and shaved on another to create the perfect mix of bob and Goth.

statement bob with shaved sides

#6 Buzz Cut

Remember Amber Rose from Orange is The New Black? Well, she will be the inspiration for a lot of women who wish to go tough the next year. Women who are strong headed and don’t mind standing out in the crowd can truly pull this buzz cut off like no other.  This haircut is perfect for women who are low maintenance and wish to spend most of the morning enjoying the fresh air instead of spending time in front of the mirror.  This haircut is will be a buzzing favorite for the coming year and editorials for short haircuts for women.

buzz cut

#7 Undercut

We love Kristen Stewart for her recent cutthroat, edgy, kick in the ass persona in Charlie’s Angel.  She is truly a sight to watch pulling off all the stunts, with her fine locks locked up in spikes. Ladies! 2020 encourages women to take charge of how they wish to look without imposing strict gender appearance roles. You can dye your hair light on top and dark underneath to make your look denser and shave the side by leaving the longer locks on top to create the illusion of strong and dense mane. Slick back those bangs Arthur Shelby’s sidekick! Short haircut for women hasn’t looked this sick at all times.


#8 Two Toned Curly Short Haircuts

If you naturally have curly hair then this haircut would suit you best. Make the best of your curls by dying the top and sides in two different tones. You can use dark and light shades to create a detailed look. Without the curls, this haircut is similar to a pixie, only that the front hair is only shorter and does not have bangs.  So, how about giving this short haircut for women a try, and giving all men a run for their lives.

two toned curly hair

#9 Side Swept Pixie Hair

It is the same as your original pixie haircut but the only difference is that it goes a little longer than your original pixie haircut. You can effortlessly style your hair if you have short length hair because just a hand here and a little fluff there is all you need to create the perfect messy look, and for this side swept look you have to side part your hair to create a clean yet sassy look.

side swept pixie hair

Try this out, and you will thank us later for short haircuts for women’s ideas.

#10 Asymmetric Bob

Whether you are a big fan or not, but the angular bob or asymmetric bob as it has become to know – is an easy to style haircut if you have silky straight hair. If your hair is thick you might have to straighten them out to get that flow-y strand by strand look. In either case, it looks super chic with both ethnic and western wear.

asymmetric bob

#11 Spiky Pixie

Why should men have all the fun with spiky short hair, right? Well, now even you can pull off a spiky pixie haircut. Use wax or gel as you like to create a spiky look. This pixie cut can be doubled with extra layers to add volume. How about giving this super chic and sexy hair cut a try as an ode to short haircut for women?

spiky pixie

#12 Wavy Wedge Short Haircuts

Creating a wedge cut is easier than getting all of those tricky haircuts. If you have wavy hairs then opt for a layered wedge. You can get volume and style in a matter of minutes. Just spray some saltwater to enhance the waves.

wavy wedge cut

With that last haircut we have reached the end of our 2020 record list for short haircut inspiration for women of all ages.  It doesn’t matter if you are 20 or 55, short hair looks super elegant on women of all ages. Make it your motto for the coming year that hair transformations shouldn’t be a one-time affair; make it a habit to look after your hair, and become the proud owner of luscious locks that every onlooker envies.