Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Hairstyles are that one part of a woman’s femininity that can transform her look from a 0 to a 10. The right kind of hairstyle at the right age can make a woman look sophisticated and graceful at the same time. Technological progress has blessed the human race with the gift of countless resources and the ability to utilize them to the best of their advantage. Women over 50 these days have more access to the technology and social media websites which has made them aware of the different kinds of hairstyles and looks they can rock even at their current age. This has also shattered the taboo of women over 50 to have decent, graceful and shy personalities as these very women are very comfortable in their skin today instead of shying and hiding their interests and choices away just because of the taboo associated with their age. the main reason why technology has proved to be helpful is that it has helped many women over 50 to break out their shell of what the society might say and helped them be comfortable and proud in their choices.

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While it is an undeniable fact that short hairstyles are more suited for younger women, with the passage of time, we have to come experience how women of older age can also rock the short hairstyle look just as good as a young aged woman. Following are some of the top trending short hairstyles for women over 50 to rick with confidence and style.

#1 The basic boyish cut with short bangs

This type of short hairstyle is considered as both as one with least maintenance required while also one that is equally chic and stylish. The boyish cut makes the sides of the hair to a short and equal length while the short bangs in the front add the glam look which can be easily carried by women over 50

the basic boyish cut with short bangs

#2 The infamous short bob

The infamous short bob is a timeless short hairstyle which is suitable for women of all ages but looks especially glam on women over 50. The short bob is cut according to the neck length of the particular women and is considered stylish because of the extra added oomph and layers of hair over each other both in the front and the back.

the infamous short bob

#3 The pixie haircut

this is the most famous kind of short hairstyles that are opted for women of all ages. It is a myth that women of older age cannot rock such a short and youthful haircut but that has been proved wrong over the passage of time. The youthful pixie cut is overall very short from both the front and back and requires little to no maintenance. It can be styled from the front in a variety of ways, depending on the person wearing it.

the pixie haircut

#4 Angled long bob

As the name says so itself, this hairstyle is angled according to the face cut of the particular woman getting said haircut. The reason why it is considered suitable for women over 50 is that even with aging, many women keep themselves in shape and some genetically have very sharp facial features that greatly complement the angled long bob. The angled long bob is maximum till the neck of the woman but is cut short from the back with long ends framing the face. This hairstyle also has a lot of volume at the crown of the head.

angled long bob

#5 Nape length bob:

While there are a lot of kinds of bob hairstyles in the short hair department, the nape length short hairstyle takes the edge over all because of the length convenience that it provides. The nape length bob is the same as all other bobs with defined voluminous hair at the crown of the head but here, the length of the hair is restricted till the nape of your neck making it easy to carry and maintain. The advantage of the nape length bob for women with straight hair is that it requires little maintenance and fall into their hair pattern on their own.

nape length bob

#6 Short feathered haircut

The myth about many long hairstyles is that it cannot be adjusted to a shorter length and made suitable for women who prefer short hairstyles. One of the many haircuts in that category is the short feathered haircut which can be cut on both long and short hair depending upon the preference of the person. When styling and cutting it short, it gives much volume on the front and crown of the head because of the textured feathers that are a specialty of the cut. And are the defining feature.

short feathered haircut

#7 Short piece y crop

While many people would easily assume this haircut to be the pixie one, it actually is not. There are minor but some differences that differentiate the two from each other. The short piece y crop haircut has a styling effect towards the front of the head and has much longer strands as compared to a pixie cut. While it does look similar to that a pixie cut, the short piece y crop has much texturization and volume. The main difference between a pixie cut and a short piece y crop is that the strands in the pixie cut are restricted to the head while there are longer strands in the short piece y crop that end up framing the forehead and side of the face.

short piece y crop

#8 Shaggy textured bob

In the world of haircuts and bobs, there are a lot of varieties for women to choose from. While many may assume that all are alike, there are minor differences that make each stand out in their own unique way. The shaggy textured bob seems a lot like the normal bob but it is cut and styled in a rather frank way without any proper protocol which gives it a carefree look. This is also the reason why it requires least maintenance.

shaggy textured bob

#9 Angled undercut

This type of haircut is most suitable for women who like to spend least amount of time on their hair styling as it is cut in a way that it stays styled at all times. The angled undercut focuses most on the face shape of the particular person to get a suitable angle cut from the crown of the head. The undercut part of the haircut gives the whole hairstyle a very bold vibe. There is extreme importance of precision of angle in this type of haircut to suit the person’s face frame and facial features.

angled undercut

#10 Wispy bob

This type of short haircut is most suitable for women who have slightly wavy but silky hair so that the wisps of the cut are defined. The reason why the haircut is called a wispy bob is that it is cut in the form of wisps to frame one side of the face and is restricted to a short length. This short haircut is also most preferred for women over 50 who have a petite frame and sharp face cut.

wispy bob

#11 The basic short haircut

This is the most basic form of short haircut that is often seen among women over 50. Many women over 50 prefer this basic short haircut because of their lack of knowledge about the types of short haircuts that would suit them. This short haircut like many other short haircuts frames the face perfectly and ends around the nape of the neck. The hair is cut equally from all sides and the front has a certain hint of bangs. While being the most basic and the most opted short haircut, this is also the most comfortable of all in the short haircut department.

the basic short haircut

#12 Razored layers

Many women prefer to have haircuts that define their free flowing and carefree personality. The razored layers are one of the kinds which are cut in a similar manner; free from rules. The look achieved by the razor used in cutting the hair includes a lot of volumes all over the hair and textured ends which make the cut even more prominent and chic to look at.

razored layers

universally speaking, it is every individual’s right to be able to express their interests and choices in any and every way that they want to. This could be in the form of clothing they like, the type of people they choose to associate with or the type of haircut they want to rock. Societal pressures and taboos have restricted women and especially those over the age of 50 to wear certain types of clothes and haircuts that society dictates and not by their own choice. Suppressing any individual in any way is morally and ethically wrong and it is about time that we as humans step up and let others around us live freely in this world.

The above mentioned short haircuts are the most suitable and trendiest for women over 50 who can rock any type of haircut they like only if they wear it with confidence over themselves.