5 Tips To Keep Healthy Nails

Healthy nails depend on many factors including your health and the tips you take to take care of them. Smooth and evenly shaped nails are good signs of your health. Nails take about four to six months to fully regrow depending on many factors like your health, kind male or female, and the season if summer or winter, so you need to know that if you broke your nail it will cost you some time to see it again.

Here are tips to keep healthy nails:

1. Using nails:

If you are using your nails to open things, you need to stop as if you broke them you will need about four months to regrow new healthy nails. So please be careful what you are using your nails for.

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2. Diet: 

You need to be careful if you are following diet program as it may have the worst effect on your nails. Keep in your mind to keep a balance of your body vitamins, calcium, and protein. Follow a diet that keep your body able to grow strong and healthy nails.

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3. Nail strength:
If you have weak nails by nature you can’t change them permanently but you can use nail strengthener and some vitamins to help in making them stronger and in growth.

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4. Nail polish: 

Using colored nail polish may help you protecting your nails as you will need not to damage your polish. Use nail polish to protect your nails while growing. Search for reviews about the polish you are going to use before using it to be sure about it’s effects on your nails.

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5. Polish remover: 

Be careful and don’t use polish remover many times per month for me i prefer to use it once or twice per month as it makes nails weak and dry. I recommend you to use a brand remover to stay in the safe side.

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